Advocating change & inspiring contribution through the remarkable stories and conversations of women (and cool guys) who are turning the world around.

Women180 is here for the change makers – To highlight the stories and create a dialog with activist, advocates, visionaries and social entrepreneurs who are already at play using their skills and influence to impact and creating lasting change.  To show case to the world the hundreds of small efforts adding up to what can be a huge impact across the globe.

Women180 is here for all those who need a little kick of inspiration and direction.   All the women who want to find ways to make a difference, contribute and be of service whether on a global scale or in their own backyards.

Check in here or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for daily features on change makers from around the world! We’ll discuss notable individuals, organizations, events, and post updates from our own Ardice Farrow’s experiences in Cambodia with the Cambodian Children’s Fund!



Ardice Farrow

How I arrived in Cambodia helping out with the remarkable Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Since I can remember I have always been an adventurer.  The quote I live by is Helen Keller’s “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Thanks to my dad and a string of great teachers I loved school, I loved learning and my life was never a dull moment. . And I learned as much if not more from my travels about as from my years in a classroom.

When I became aware that kids in school were bored. I decided to go back to school learn how to take the great entertainment stories of movies, combine them with the compelling game play of arcade games and merge those two with the fascinating facts of science, history and language arts.

It was a fortuitous moment as I went back to school finished my degree and by some great quirk of chance ended up working for the R & D Lab of Apple.  This was the mid ‘80s and I was working with some of the brightest minds in the business bringing together these three divergent worlds in ways that would change education forever.

From Apple I went on to serve as a creative designer and executive producer for some of the most innovative companies around – LucasArts Learning, Disney, Warner Bros., The Smithsonian Institute, The Field Museum of History, Stanford University, McGraw-Hill and more.

My job was simple.  Take educational content and find fun, engaging and meaningful ways to make it irresistible to kids.

After 9/11 the industry changed and the funds for innovative product development dried up.  At the same time I began to coach women entrepreneurs and executives.  I discovered that so many women were still trying to build their success on the old male model of competition and climbing outdated corporate ladders.  I felt a need for women to wake up to the natural feminine leadership talents they had, to take charge and create new models based on cooperation, creativity and team work.

And most recently I have felt an undeniable pull to get back out there, to be doing it, not just taking about it but doing it. – The pull to be a part of the global movement to empower the women and children who are and will be creating new models and sustainable futures for the planet.

And so here I am – half way across the world, having the time of my life, spending every day with bright and eager students sharing with them all the wild and wonderful things I have learned about leadership and putting them in the driver’s seat to become change makers, innovators and leaders.  . Here I am privileged to work with an organization (Cambodian Children’s Fund) that has a brilliant model and heartfelt purpose.  A model that starts with rescuing the children from the vicious cycle of poverty and violence, providing support for the families and creating partnerships with communities to create powerful sustainable futures.

Tabitha Tice

Tabitha is still writing her bio.


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