Ardice Abroad: Lucky Me

I feel like bragging because on Monday I start working with an amazing organization that empowers children and women – lucky me.

I first discovered the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) because I was interested in how to become a TOMS shoe partner and distribute TOMS shoes to kids in developing nations.

I was wandering around TOMS website and found out the CCF was a major shoe partner in Cambodia.  As I dug deeper I got a serious crush on this organization, their adorable kids, the great work they were doing and it didn’t hurt that they were in a country with a tropical climate and food that I thought I would love.   But mostly I was attracted to the holistic approach that started with rescuing the kids while at the same time empowering the families.  An organization that was focused on creating leaders and giving a community of trash pickers unimaginable futures.  The job was serious but their approach was full of light, fun and buckets full of love.

Now I discover that I am not the only one that thinks CCF is the best.

Cambodian Children’s Fund’s education program has been awarded the 2012 WISE Award as “one of the world’s best initiatives in innovative education”.

Cambodian Children’s Fund’s ‘Generational Change through Education’ project – which wraps community well-being around a comprehensive education program – was recognized for its “transformative impact on education and society”.

CCF is the first organization in South-East Asia to be awarded the prestigious prize.

The WISE Awards are designed to identify, showcase and promote innovative educational projects from all sectors and regions of the world to inspire change in education, with six awards given each year. Since 2009, just 24 projects have been recognized with a WISE Award from over 1,600 applications. (from the CCF website)

Find more stories from Ardice Farrow’s experiences in ‘Ardice Abroad’. 



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