Ardice Abroad: It’s A Wonder!

I have just completed my first week at CCF.   Friday was a special performance with the young girls doing graceful traditional dances dressed in bright red pants and sparkly tops.  And the boys with their faces painted like monkeys wearing costumes with long tails tumbling across the stage telling the story of ancient monkey tribes.  The audience is filled with teens and older kids, teachers, visitors and sponsors.  It’s quite the party really.

It is the most amazing experience.  I am swept up in a sea of love and delight.  The children of all ages are sweet, eager, friendly and gently.  Their little hands slip into yours as soon as you step onto the property.  The teenagers are full of laughter, silly jokes and are endlessly distracted with one thing and then another.

The kids, they are like kids anywhere.  It is impossible for me to imagine that just a few years ago or for some just a few months or days ago they were living a hopeless life, hungry, desperate, struggle against poverty and many in abusive or violent families.

Does CCF have a magical formula of love and support that works wonders in such a short time or is the human spirit simply that resilient?  Is the heart of a child so attuned to love and possibility that it simply responds in kind once it is safe, warm, nurtured and surrounded by loving hearts and hands and returns to its own state of love?

Like a rubber band stretched to the breaking point when the tension is released it returns to its original shape.   Like footsteps in the sand that are easily washed away by the gentle surf.   Whatever they yesterday-  today they are delightful children and they light up the world with their goofy little smiles.

What is the magic formula that returns the heart to love?


Find more stories from Ardice Farrow’s experiences in ‘Ardice Abroad’.  


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