Ardice Abroad: And I Thought I Was So Cool

Over the last few months as I returned from a short trip to Tanzania and got ready to leave for Cambodia and three months with the Cambodian Children’s Fund – I thought I was pretty hot stuff.  Seriously, in my little circle of friends I felt like I had a bit of celebrity status going.   I never missed an opportunity to tell someone that I was now spending my time as an international volunteer empowering women and children.  I shared it with friends, family and strangers.  I spoke it; talked about it on Skype and emailed it to anyone I could think of.

I was a wash with my own arrogance – thinking how I inspired others with my daring.

Now, I am laughing.  Seriously!  In the past week I have meet a dozen or more young volunteers that have come for six months or a year.  I have met seniors that have been here for years working with CCF or any number of other non-profits here.

And last night I met the most lovely women.  Probably in her mid-thirties who has done international service in any number of countries and is just returning from a year in Sudan working in the refugee camps.

I am (gratefully) humbled by it all.

And I love my new world.  Surrounded by extra-ordinary folks of all ages working in service.   And when I check my Facebook pages I am dazzled by all my dear friends in the US who keep the conscious, questioning conversations going.  Who are thinking globally and acting locally, creating little communities of peace, sharing best recipes, new ideas, encouragement and endless possibilities.

Once again – Lucky me.

Find more stories from Ardice Farrow’s experiences in ‘Ardice Abroad’.  


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