Ardice Abroad: Things were said, sites were seen…

You can’t go back.  You cannot rewind a day, take a mulligan and start again.  What the day does, what I do to it by midnight is done, complete, the end.  I grew up Catholic and one of the practices they taught us was before we go to sleep to go through the day and think of all the sins we committed, all the wrongs we had done during the day.  In other words take an inventory of what an annoying jerk I had been and remind myself of my lowly status as someone who was predisposed to get it wrong.

My life now is 180 from there.  Now when I put my sleepy little head on the pillow I am awash with all the incredible, amazing things I saw, people that made me smile, flowers that made me laugh,  conversations that brought me home to the heart.

Last night was no exception, except it was exceptional.  As I prepare to leave I tend to go everywhere to see old acquaintances and folks I know who are doing great things.  So last night I had got a last minute invitation to a photography exhibit at Creative Visions.  How could I say “no”! I wanted to pick up some books from them and their offices are on the beach in Malibu.  Any excuse to go visit is a good one.

(If you have a moment checkout – a moving and remarkable story about a mother who keeps alive the inspirational work of her son by helping others follow their dreams of being change makers.)

So I grab my dear friend Jeanie Madsen (check out Jeanie’s gallery and we take a sunset drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu.  So you can see already the evening is turning out pretty special.

When we arrive the offices of Creative Vision are awash with incredible folks up to incredible things.  A female journalist who is traveling the world to report on child sex trafficking and then fighting for stricter laws to protect them.  A man, who was the pastor of St. Paul’s across from the Twin Towers on 9/11 and served a community that was shattered and heartbroken with a message of forgiveness.  Young adults barely out of college following the path of Dan Eldon and living a life of creative activism.  And of course Kathy Eldon and her daughter Amy, the fairy god mothers of it all floating through the space acknowledging and celebrating every visitor.

Then we see the remarkable photographs of Robert Vockerman from his new book Kindsight.  The simplest most intimate photos of individuals and their profoundly moving human stories.   It was not easy to view them without overwhelming emotion.  Lined up like soldiers of inspiration along a long wall.  Each one touching a different chord of emotion.

And Robert’s words quoting another artist and I loosely paraphrase here

“The more intimate and personal my work the greater connection and impact it has.”

Simply said.  Hard to forget.  So let’s get busy and get personal with ourselves.  Step into a world where we are swept away by our own enthusiasm and self-expression.  A world where we touch the depths of our own heart so we can touch others.

Find more stories from Ardice Farrow’s experiences in ‘Ardice Abroad’. 



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